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So you've heard about the sufferings endured by Palestinians at the hands of Israelis. You've seen pictures of Palestinian children killed by Israeli bombs, read about targeted killings, learned about the West Bank separation barrier and checkpoints, and heard of the hardships, discriminations and humiliations daily endured by the Palestinian people. You've seen the UN and other international organizations repeatedly issue sharp criticisms of Israel for its actions. You've learned of the Palestinian exile, and of their decades-long struggle for the land.

Any decent, justice-seeking person who hears of such suffering would, and should, act to stop it, correct it, make it known. But what is the best way to stop Palestinian suffering? What if its true roots are more complex than they are often made to appear? What if many of these sufferings turned out to be ultimately self-inflicted - what then? How best to end them?

To be clear, the aim of this site is not to justify abuse of Palestinians, or to trivialize Palestinian suffering, or to dismiss Palestinian claims to the land and to a state of their own. Nor is there any intention to portray Israel, its government, or its military, as perfect or without blame. This site does not claim to present a complete picture of the conflict; rather, it is an attempt to fill in the blanks. To provide absent, critical information, in order to enable decent, justice-seeking people to reach a more complete and informed opinion about the Arab-Israeli conflict, its origins and its most effective solution.

The information presented is organized under 10 basic facts, each of which links to a more detailed explanation. Each point made in the explanations is itself supported by links to one or more external documents on the Internet.

To begin, click here for a summary of the 10 facts about the Arab-Israeli conflict, or here to go directly to Fact #1.